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    TrapTracker Digital Cleaning Worksheet & Filter Tracker
    the perfect FSX Equipment companion

Designed for FSX Equipment

The TrapTracker is programmed with the FSX DPF Cleaning Equipment and process in mind. Speed up your DPF record keeping as TrapTracker walks you through a digital cleaning worksheet auto-filling data along the way.

Locking iPad case and mount easily secures and bolts onto the FSX TrapTester keeping you hands free!

  • Auto-filled baselines, dimensions & pin gauge depths
  • Store your data to the cloud to be accessed at any time
  • Get rid of file cabinets full of paperwork by going digital
  • Sort cleaning data by part number, customer, serial number, etc
  • Updated baselines at your fingertips
  • Print cleaning worksheet for customer if desired

Digital Cleaning Worksheet

Take filling out worksheets to the next level! Finally the perfect companion to the FSX DPF Cleaning Equipment is here! TrapTracker walks you through the DPF cleaning process and records important filter data all on a 9.7" iPad.

Save Time & Space

Baselines right at your fingertips, autofilled filter specifications, and more!
Ditch the file cabinet full of worksheets! Store your data to the cloud and find & sort cleaning records by part number, customer, serial number, etc.

Bundled with New Equipment

TrapTracker now comes standard with the FSX Complete Cleaning System.


For existing customers that want to add TrapTracker, please click the link below to get a quote.

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